Q: What kind of results will I see?

A: The results of waist training are dependent on many factors:

  • How long you wear the waist trainer each day.
  • How many days per week you wear the waist trainer.
  • How tightly the waist trainer is fit.

 Q: Can I sleep in my waist trainer?

 A: It is recommended not to sleep in any compression garment, some people will. It is not advised because the body needs the break from the waist trainer.

Q: I just had a baby. How long should I wait until I use your product?

A: Congratulations! You can wear a waist cincher as soon as one week after giving birth. If you had a c-section, its advisable to wait till your wound has healed. Every body is different; consult with a doctor for professional opinion.

 Q: How do I care for the garment?

A: Hand wash your waist trainer in cold water. Do not put the waist trainer in the dryer or dry near the heat. This will damage the waist trainer. Air-dry the waist trainer by laying it flat to dry out side.

Q: How soon will my order be shipped?

A: Orders are processed within 1-2 business days. Once Courier has the parcel, it takes 3-5 days. Tracking number for the package is provided by shewaisted

 Q: I ordered on a weekend/ holiday. When will my order be processed?

A: orders placed on holidays, Saturday, Sunday will be processed the following business day.

Q: How can I find out where my package is?

A: Once your order has been send out with courier. You will receive a tracking number and name of the courier service we have used to deliver your parcel.

 Q: How do I know which size to buy?

A: You can use our size chart for a quick look at the recommended measurement for each size. The most important thing to review is waist size, if you still need help, contact us on 060 932 7757 or email info@shewaisted.com

Q: What the difference between the 9 and 25 steel bone waist trainer

A: The more steel bones the waist trainer has, the more support it will offer when wearing it.

Q:  What is the steel boning?

A: It is the inner support of the waist trainer; they get the waist trainer not to roll/ fold and helps with shaping of the waistline.

Q: Can I exercise in the waist trainer?

A: you can exercise in your waist trainer however we do not recommend you wear the waist trainer while doing intensive cardio or workouts. Waist trainer keeps your abs tight and back straight and helps you sweat extra during your work out.it may lead you to quicker inch loss and weight loss. If your waist trainer is too tight, you should remove it. Do not tighten your waist trainer to the point where you feel restricted or out of breathe.

Q What do I do if the waist trainer doesn’t fit me?

A: You have 5 business days from the date received to return for an exchange and notify SheWaisted of the return. We ask that when you receive the item, please take care of it, and try it on over a pantie or under wear. We are unable to accept worn items for hygiene reasons. All exchanges must have must have an original packing and must be returned in good condition, as the waist trainer is underwear.