Fem Mentruation cup
Fem Mentruation cup
Fem Mentruation cup
Fem Mentruation cup

Fem Mentruation cup

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A better Period Fem cup is a bell -shaped reusable menstrual cup that collects your monthly blood flow. Easy to insert and remove, Instead of using disposable pads or tampons, you can just empty your cup, wash it, and reuse it. The Fem cup offers a complete protection and an odorless and sensation-free period.

Fem cup is made of silicone, it has a shorter stem and a soft, flexible material, making it perfect for users with a low cervix 

stay active and comfortable Dance, run, swim and sleep with your Fem Cup and it is ideal for menstruating users of all ages – wear your cup for up to 12 consecutive hours.


  • Healthy alternative to tampons and pads 
  • Non absorbing so will not affect the internal PH and Flora balance 
  • Made for medical proposes, latex free, hypoallergenic, no dyes, BPA, no bleaches or Toxins 
  • Does not absorb fluids so no odor 
  • Flexible, comfortable, convenient and easy to use
  • Minimal feeling whilst worn
  • change time maximum of 12 depending on flow
  • safe to swim and sleep in 
  • Discrete and personal, no strings or bulges. wear what you like
  • safe for all water and athletics sports 
  • ten year life time and sustainable 

Choosing a size

There are two menstrual cup sizes available, Small and large 

Small: Small cup is perfect for a first- timer cup user, women with a low cervix, teenagers and women with a light to normal flow.

Large: Large is ideal for women over 30, those who have given birth  vaginally, women with a high cervix height or women with a heavier flow