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The Sweat belt has two layers, one (thermos) for sweating and the other (sculpt) for shaping the waist. The Sweat belt will help you lose inches from the minute you put it on.

• Start sweating in minutes
• Reduce belly fat and flatten tummy
• Double your gym efforts and reach goals faster
• Drastically eliminate extra inches from back & love handles
• Wear it at the gym or while you do your home chores
• Reduces water weight around your waist
• Very comfortable (no wires)
• Machine washable and easy to clean

• Velcro enclosure, will not come undone during intense exercise
• Two belts – One for thermos and the other for sculpting your waist
• Thermogenic

Direction for use: The belt is very comfortable and can be worn during exercise, to sleep and underneath clothing. Combining the use of the Sweat belt with exercise and a balanced diet, one can expect to see dramatic results.

How to wash it
Wash your Sweat belt after every few uses (if not after every use). With all the sweat it absorbs, it can begin to smell, and lay it out flat to dry. Do not use any bleach, as it will stain the product. Do not iron the belt, as it will melt the fabric and weaken the belt.